Primi Veraci

Primi Veraci, A ready-to-cook kit to make a perfect seafood pasta in just a few minutes!

Primi Veraci are the latest delicatessen offered by Effelle: it is a box of ready-toeat shellfish with marinara sauce along with 250g Italian pasta.

Shellfish are cooked by a pasteurization process and seasoned with marinara sauce; you only need to warm them up for a couple of minutes.

Pasta is 100% made in Italy using a very thin layer of sheet-pasta in order to dip it in with seafood.

Our goal is to help you make a wonderful shellfish pasta. You only need to put together the two ingredients using the cooking juice from seafood to cook pasta in.
Indeed, the only thing to do is warming up shellfish in a frying pan, adding the pasta with half a glass of water and a little olive oil, and stirring up until the juice has been absorbed by the pasta.



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